Why rent a car in México?

Mexico is a great country for renting a car. With stunning nature, great cultural variety, and access to two oceans, it is a great place to explore at your own pace. Having a rental car with lot you make your own discoveries as you’ll come across its hidden gems.

A rental car can provide the freedom and flexibility that public transport cannot when you’re traveling longer distances, especially outside of Mexico City. If you want to see some of the outlying towns and villages “off the beaten track”, then taking a car is the most efficient way to accomplish this, unless you have the patience, time, and temperament to deal with local transport.


Country code
Average car rental length
4 days
Economy car rental price
23.93 USD / per day
Traffic direction
Speed limit out of town
80 - 120 km/h
50 - 75 mi/h
Speed limit within town
30-70 km/h
19 - 43 mi/h
Acceptable limit of BAC